Position Available: Ministry Internship

internshipEnoree First Baptist Church is looking for a ministry intern who is a current college or seminary student called to pastoral ministry. Is that you or someone you know? Click this link to read the job description. If you are interested contact the Pastor by emailing pastorsro@icloud.com.

Reaching Out to Build a Family of Faith

The intention of this page is to provide information about the events, services, and people of the First Baptist Church Enoree, SC for all who may be interested. Most importantly we hope to reach out to you with the good news of Jesus Christ. As a church our mission is to be “Reaching Out to Build a Family of Faith”.  We hope that you will check back with us in future days as this page is always undergoing changes! God Bless You!


Halloween is around the corner! We will be doing our Trunk-or-Treat October 31st from 5:30-7:30pm!!

Homecoming is October 11th!!

Homecoming is October 11th!! Kevin Sontag, former member and current youth director at Glendale Baptist Church In Spartanburg will be our special speaker! Cheryl Parris, former music director at FBC Enoree and current minister of music at Bellview Baptist Church in Laurens will be our guest music director for the day. Following dinner we will be our dedication service of our new outdoor shed and playground with special music!! Come and bring your lawn chair!!

Newsletter 03/04/2015

At the Clothing Giveaway last weekend, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with those families who came through our doors. As a part of my presentation I mentioned the $150,000 pearl Oscar dress of Lupita Nyong’o. The beautiful and precious gown apparently went missing from the actress’s hotel room. Imagine if you were the actress or the designer. After hearing of its theft, what words or phrases would have come from your mouth? Would any of them have been pleasing to Christ? A few days later the thieves reported that they had some pearls appraised. They were proven fakes. If you were the actress, designer, or reporter would your reaction to these accusations have been any better?


In truth, the most precious thing we have, we treat more carelessly than money, clothes, or time. While we may get upset if someone tells us that we have lost this precious thing, we would be more honest if we simply confessed that we should have cared more. This precious thing is our relationship with Jesus Christ. We toss Christ aside, or ignore him. We fume over someone questioning our faith, but prove our relationship is broken by treating others in ways that would embarrass Jesus. Further, our attitudes and actions lead others to believe our relationship with Jesus is nothing more than a fake.

The good news is that your relationship with Christ does not have to remain this way! 1 John 1:9 reminds us that whenever we sin, if we confess the sin Christ will cleanse and forgive us. We will have a restored relationship with him simply by admitting our wrong and asking for his forgiveness. Is this how you respond to sin in your life? Maybe you need to talk to Christ right now.
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Newsletter for the Week of 02/25/2015

Most of us probably were not prepared for the cold weather the past two weeks the way that we should have been. A few people were ready and did not have any problems or worries as the cold weather approached. Others of us probably spent the better part of several days in the past few weeks trying to make plans as quickly as possible to prepare ourselves. Some simply did nothing and probably were hit the hardest with the weather.

Picture Taken 02/24/15. EFBC with light snow!

Could the weather be a kind of parable for our day? Perhaps Jesus would explain the parable like this. Judgment Day is coming for every one of us. None of us are as prepared as we should be. A relative few recognized and trusted those who called them to prepare for the coming day. Some realized their negligence late and sought to prepare any way they could.  There are also those who do nothing to prepare and simply face the judgment of the Lord. This sort of parable about being prepared exists throughout the gospels, most especially in Matthew 24-25. The lesson for us is to be ready no matter what time the Lord might return by repenting of our sin and placing our faith in Him!
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Newsletter for the Week of 02/11/2015

Hopefully, those who have been reading this newsletter will understand the break from writing I took last week. I normally try to write on Wednesday and publish by Thursday, but last week I walked with a church member and her family as they faced the death of their mother.

Grief and sorrow comes on many occasions in life, but rarely does grief overwhelm us like it does at the death of a loved one. Even as a pastor, I often experience at the death of a member with a solemn quiet that can quickly become a sullen sarcasm. Each of us experiencing grief needs the uplifting reminder that the gospel offers to avoid any sense of despair.

As I prepared for the funeral with this family I picked up two small books from my shelf to help me to remember the comfort the gospel brings. One of those Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals by Brian Croft and Phil Newton especially uplifted me. Let me offer you a few small quotes that helped me to think carefully about my role as a pastor to the bereaved,

 “As a minister of the gospel, you represent Jesus Christ, the church and the gospel you proclaim. The minister visibly represents Christ’s ministry to the family.”

As well as,


“As one who represents the gospel, a minister should never settle for simply telling the family what he thinks they want to hear. First and foremost, a minister of the gospel must be faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


“Evangelism might present itself during this time of pastoral care, but the minister’s primary goal is to help the family understand that the gospel is about living and dying. The same gospel that gives us joy in life also give us joy when facing death.”

Praise God for the opportunity to remind people about the joy the gospel brings to death with the reality of new life in Christ (2 Cor. 5)



Don’t forget the Dinner and a Show this Saturday Night at 5:30 for those who signed up!


Also if you would like to be a part of the Doorway Class, we still have some space in the class. Especially if you are a young person, this year’s class is a young class! We meet at 5PM in the pastor’s office.


Finally, I encourage you to plan on being here next week at Randy Harling from the Connie Maxwell Children’s home will be speaking as Caroline and I attend the retreat the church gave us for my 7th ministry anniversary in Enoree.

Newsletter for the Week of 01/28/15

How many days a week does someone in conversation mention how busy you are? In the past week have you struggled with the feeling that you just cannot get ahead? Do you find yourself often feeling like you have not had enough sleep even when you have slept? During our cruise I read a book by Kevin DeYoung named Crazy Busy that asked these same questions. His biblical answers convicted me that I need to makes some changes in my life. Let me share a few of them with you. Read the rest of this entry


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