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Confused about what the recent Hollywood split tells us about love today? Genesis can help us to clear up what God says true love looks like!

Did you notice the news this morning? Another Hollywood couple is headed for divorce. This time it is Seal and Heidi Klum. As a Supermodel and a singer love lived out on the runways of celebrity was not enough to seal their marital bond. They respect one another, love each other but have grown apart. Is anyone else confused?

In God’s providence, as I read my devotional this weekend, I came to chapter 29-30 of Genesis in which Jacob marries Leah and Rachel.  Perhaps this can clear up the confusion over the world’s superficial ideas of love. Allow me to offer you some of my devotional thoughts from this passage which deals with the right and wrong aspects of love.

First let’s look at love based upon kinship. Love for relatives can end in manipulation. We expect blood relatives to work longer and harder for us without critique, thus the saying blood is thicker than water. Jacob announces to Rachel that he is the son of Laban’s sister, a kinsman in 29:12. The reason he does this is to manipulate his circumstances to ensure a safe harbor. Immediately upon hearing this Laban begins a celebration with a warm welcome, echoing Adam’s statement that Jacob is his bone and flesh.  That statement of kinship by Laban very quickly proves to be fleeting as Jacob again and again is manipulated to accomplish Laban’s purposes.

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Overview of the End Times

Wednesday Nights after our prayer time through the Winter months of 2011-2012 we will be exploring what the Bible says about the End Times. The world and fellow Christians are extremely interested by this topic as we can see from movies, book series, and all sorts of other media. The question for us as believers though is what does the Bible actually say? Come and find out what the Bible does and does not say Wednesday Nights at 6PM this Winter!